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Most of us who live in relatively safe neighborhoods in the US, Canada, and other developed countries find that we can get passionately roused when we hear about atrocities of human trafficking occurring in places like India, Cambodia, and El Salvador. But when it comes to our own backyard, we are either oblivious or clueless about how to respond. For example,  in San Diego, California:

“Within 72 hours on the street a child is approached for sex.” ~Generate Hope website

With over 2500 children on the streets in the San Diego area, runaways and foster children comprise the most at-risk for sexual exploitation. A new organization GenerateHope makes it easy for those of us who live in the San Diego area to get involved in a meaningful way to help children who are most vulnerable experience a safe place to live, continue their education, receive job training, life-skills training, counseling, therapy, recreation, and support.  Below are 3 ways we can help:

1. Pray. Generate Hope regards prayer as the best possible donation to their work.

2. Donate. In addition to financial  gifts, Generate Hope can also benefit from donation-in-kind such as bicycles, school supplies, bus passes, and gift cards. See the web page listing for further ideas.

3. Volunteer. Choose from a number of volunteer activities: help write grants, tutor academics or electives, fund raise, or provide transportation for the residents of the home.  Click here to complete the volunteer application form.

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