Rescued By Goodweave

Apr 10, 2012 by

Goodweave is a remarkable organization who set out in 1995 to end South Asia’s child labor practices in the hand made rug industry. I read story after story about children, some as young as 5, caught in slavery because of poverty and abandonment. Working themselves nearly to death with forced long hours and poor working conditions in order to help their families or themselves if abandoned.  They are caught in a cycle of abuse that is hard to break without someone like the people of  Goodweave rescuing them.

Not only does Goodweave take them out of deplorable conditions, they also provide long term care in the form of housing and education. This keeps them from the child labor pool and lifts them out of poverty and almost certainly a life of continued slavery.  Another sad outcome for some of these children is the strong likelihood they could also be sold into the sex trafficking industry. You can see why it is imperative that an organization like Goodweave is supported. It is estimated that child labor in the carpet looms industry in South Asia has dropped from 1,000,000 to 250,000 since Goodweave’s inception. A remarkable feat, well done, by a remarkable organization. Please remember to buy handmade rugs with the Goodweave tag on the back and as always, help a worthy cause by passing this information on. You can read more about these wonderful children and the organization at the Goodweave website.

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