Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb 14, 2012 by

Valentine's Day

Hope you take a little time today to show yourself, your special someone, and others some love. Commemorating the day by reflecting on a few things we love:

  • India, and in particular the women and girls who are gaining freedom through Freeset and BTN (with love and hope for millions more to experience more opportunities and freedom)
  • FEED’s Red Love 30 bag that provides 30 meals to young students and 30 days of treatment for AIDS patients in countries with the greatest need
  • A quality, zoom camera for capturing special memories when we travel
  • Stylish and easy-to-remove zippered, black leather boots (for breezing through security)
  • Candy-colored lipsticks (to welcome spring!)
  • YOU! Our loyal readers and fans.

Love, love, LOVE you guys!

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